A downloadable game

The goal of the game is to find and pollinate as many flowers as you can before the end of your season. The flowers are on rooftops and behind planters. You travel through the city from the Lansdowne Bee Store to a vast field of flowers, pollinating as you go.

Game Instructions

Bee Demo works nicely on the web using a keyboard for input. Press WSAD to control your forward, back, up and down motion. Collect flowers and return to the Hive.


Plug in your leap and gesture with your hand to control where your velocity will take you!

Recommended Skills

  • Jazz hands
  • Bee suit
  • Being good with a kettle of smoke

Game Action

  • Travel from flowers to hive, pollinating and exploring.
  • Summon help by dancing your directions to your fellow bees.
  • It's not subtle.

Required Hardware

  • LeapMotion game controller

Recommended Hardware

  • EpiPen
  • LeapMotion game controller

Screenshots from Wikimedia Commons and Al Jazeera.

Install instructions

There are two versions of Bee Hands available, one that uses the Leap and one that does not. To use the web build, download the game and run the Web version of unity player. Your controls are WSAD plus up and down to fly the bee around the city.

The LeapMotion version of the game has been compiled for OSX. Download it, unzip it, plug in your Leap and run the game. Gesture controls for this are one-handed - up for up, down for down, tilt for directional turns. Good luck!


Bees_Leap.zip 151 MB
Bee_demo_web.zip 43 MB